ISO Tank

ISO Tank

Fusion is the agent for RMI tank containers which is based in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
RMI has a fleet of both chemical and food tanks.

Chemical tank containers

» 15.000 liter till 38.000 liter
» Steam and/or electrical heated tanks
» 20ft till 30ft frame tank containers
» Multipurpose single compartment baffle tanks
» Compartment tanks (till 3 compartments per tank)
» Capacity of 1.200 tanks

Food tank containers

» 24.000 liter till 38.000 liter
» Steam and/or electrical heated tanks
» 20ft till 30ft frame tank containers
» Reefer tank containers
» 1 compartment tanks
» Capacity of 2.400 tanks

› RMI provides fully integrated multimodal transportation solutions for the shipment of bulk chemical and food products to locations worldwide;
› A diverse fleet of high quality equipment manufactured to maximize a variety of products;
› Tank containers with a capacity between 14,000 up to 38,000 liters.
› Single and multi-ply flexi tanks as an independent, reliable and cost effective alternative to ISO tanks.
› Various specifications such as working pressure, heating solutions, insulation, single and multi-compartments and baffles;
› The expertise to expedite all of your global formalities and transportation needs;
› Our speciality, stock control of products, in transit, the so-called floating stock;
› Safety and quality (ISO 9001:2000, HACCP and GMP certified);
› Storage of non-ADR products under our own control.

Product Offerings

Fusion has its own fleet of dry containers/ reefer units;

Refrigerated Containers

» We cover ISC and GCC ports with our reefer containers, with dedicated staff and agents to handle reefer operations.
» Timely deliveries considering the sensitivity of refrigerated cargo;
» Professional handling of variant temperature controlled cargo.
» 24x7 on call customer service to attend emergency requirements of customers.

Bulk Liquid Transport

The popularity and cost effectiveness of moving liquid cargo in bulk has inspired Fusion Shipping Worldwide to expand its boundaries and meet customers growing need to move liquid in bulk. » Agents for leading ISO and Flexi bag brands in the industry.
» Expertise in Flexi bag installations and Cross loading Non-hazardous liquid into containers.
» Experienced Staff in handling Bulk Liquid cargo as per IMDG norms.