Vehicle Rentals

Offering high efficiency luxury vehicles, Fusion Equipment encases attractive pricing based vehicle leasing solutions for both short term as well as long term purposes. Our popular brands for vehicle leasing includes Dodge, Mitsubishi Motors, Chrysler, Konica Minolta, Toyota, OKI, Western Union, Sharp, Ford, De La Rue, Hyundai, GMC, Fuso, Land Rover, De La Rue and more. Assuring a high quality maintenance and supreme quality vehicles, we ensure that your vehicle rental solutions are fast and at your door step whenever you need. We prioritize quality comforts not with the fleet of branded rental car solutions but also with our extremely affordable hourly rates. For any vehicle you may need, we adhere to stringent punctualities to ensure that the service is provided right at the critical hour of your need. We make sure of a 24*7 availability of all the above mentioned car brands as we value your preferences.

We promise the following in our Rental solutions:

1. Popular luxury car brands
2. Competitive rates
3. 24*7 availability of cars
4. Availability at the duly appointed time
5. A 24*7 customer care assistance to any queries regarding car rentals
6. Safety assurance
7. High maintenance of the cars
8. A supreme comfort level

Fusion prides itself of delivering unprecedented quality and price advantages with the leasing solutions. Our strong bonding in the industry of shipping and construction has made us establish a firm presence in this sector. Driven by a strong diligence of quality, maintenance and customer satisfaction, Fusion dreams to be irreproachable with its shipping-support solutions. We endeavor to be sustainable in the future with advantages of economic viability and convenience.