Tug Boats

Promising high powered and master-engineered tugboat quality, Fusion Shipping re-defines convenience with fast and cost-complimentary tugboat leasing solutions. That enables an effective maneuvering of vessels irrespective of the latter�s weights. Our association with globally recognized tugboat manufacturing brands, makes our assurance of Tugboat quality more eloquent. With powerful sizes and robust technologies, our tugboats even serve the purposes of breaking ice and salvaging boats. Powered by diesel engine, our solutions of Tugboat accompanies firefighting monitors which effectively facilitate in fighting fires at harbors and sea.

Our tugboat leasing solutions in myriad categories falls under:

1. Deep Sea- Tugs
2. Harbor tugboats
3. River tugboats

Deep sea tugboats: The deep sea tugboats we offer includes the "payload", "notch tug", "integral unit" and ATB or Articulated tug and barge. Harbour Tugboats: In contrast to sea-going tugboats, the harbor tugboats are mostly small with a high width to length ratio because of the requirements of a lower draught. River Tugboats: They are also called the pushboats or towboats and features a bow for lining up with the barge's rectangular stern often with knees of large pushing.

Our Tugboat engines have a high generation power of about 500 -2500 kW. We offer a high power: tonnage ratio which gives a strong drive to the propeller along with more two critical parts for redundancy which is essential for safety purposes. The augmented maneuverability we offer in our tugboats, comes with myriad systems of propulsion. Such systems of propulsion comes enables designing of tasks like construction in marine as well as for ship docking purposes for effectively. Fusion prides itself of delivering unprecedented quality and price advantages with the leasing solutions. Our strong bonding in the industry of shipping has made us establish a firm presence in this sector. Driven by a strong diligence of quality, maintenance and customer satisfaction, Fusion dreams to be irreproachable with its shipping-support solutions. We endeavor to be sustainable in the future with advantages of economic viability and convenience.