Ship Broking and Chartering

Bridging the gap between charterers and Ship-owners, Fusion Shipping offers strategic financial assistance with its Ship-broking services. With an unprecedented scope, our ship-broking solutions encapsulates a plethora of sectors like Tanker Chartering, demolition, dry cargo chartering and more. Alongside Broking, Fusion Shipping as well ensures brilliant chartering solutions of transportation of cargo for a specific price which is termed as the freight rate. Such rates can be measured every ton basis over a specific route. We ensure an effective contract with our charter party which ensures accurate input of the duration, exact rates as well as the terms on agreement between our ship-owners and us. Our team in chartering comes with a significant as well as an established history to manage the dry bulk cargos. We ensure handling any cargo which can start from 5000 tones to any limits and enable its transportation to destinations from across the world. Commonly, our services include the following as below:

Sales and Purchase: Fusion ensures specialized brokers for managing the operations of selling and buying the present vehicles in the 2nd hand market or take new ship contracts from the yards of ship building. With substantial experience, our brokers provided master minded solutions of promoting opportunities as well as discussing the latest trends in market with investors, ship owners, vessel values and activity.
Dry Cargo Broking: Fusion provides maven support for bulk carriers chartering services. Using sizeable databases for positions of vessel, rates and cargo and more, our experts serve the sole objective of augmenting profits as well as reducing expenses.
Tanker broking: Fusion offers specialized services for chartering of tankers which entails a distinct set of cognizance, skills as well as contacts from broking of dry cargo. Our primordial field of services includes oil products, crude oil, gas as well as chemical tankers.

Fusion prides itself of delivering unprecedented quality and price advantages with the leasing solutions. Our strong bonding in the industry of shipping has made us establish a firm presence in this sector. Driven by a strong diligence of quality, maintenance and customer satisfaction, Fusion dreams to be irreproachable with its shipping-support solutions. We endeavor to be sustainable in the future with advantages of economic viability and convenience.