Leasing Heavy Equipments

Fusion presents a miscellany of heavy equipment and vehicles as leasing solutions under one roof. Specifically to execute construction tasks and earth work operations, these heavy hydraulics implement structure, traction, control of information, power train and more solutions. Using a simple machine's powerful mechanical advantage, our heavy equipment solution uses potent hydraulic drives as a cardinal motion source. With substantial years of industry experience, Fusion Shipping offers superbly exceeding operational efficiencies in its heavy equipment leasing. Irrespective of whichever segment of industry, our clients deal in, Fusion offers the required cognizance to meet any demands of construction, fleet management and heavy equipment use. Our leasing solutions places compliance and safety as the foremost priority to enable improvement of cost management and at the same time maximize the utilization of equipment. Our cardinal heavy equipment solutions include excavators, larger cranes, piling rigs, backhoe loaders, wheel loaders, dump track, Fork Lift, Mobile cranes, concrete pump, single drum roller, Tipper truck, double drum roller and more. We offer the above equipment at a monthly or a yearly rental basis. As owners, Fusion ensures operations as well as maintenance of these heavy equipment. This can free our clients from the everyday anxieties of operations and also help them abstain away from the heavy investment in buying these machines.
Our priority to compliance and safety in our heavy equipment entails the following:

  • A regular maintenance of vehicles as well as monitoring of safety inspections
  • An extensive GAP analysis with the laws of National heavy vehicle of compliance
  • Safety of fleet and review on loss prevention
  • Programs on driver orientation as well as safe fleet
  • Assessment of risks
  • Development of guides for managing vehicles and fleet.

  • We promise the following with our heavy equipment leasing solutions:

  • Structuring rental as well as operating lease options
  • Use a repair ready network for maintenance of the heavy vehicles
  • Ensure maintenance of even complicated parts and components of vehicles as well as ancillary equipment
  • For peak or seasonal demands, there are also short term rental solutions of heavy equipment in order to reduce any adverse impact of our client's operations.

  • Fusion prides itself of delivering unprecedented quality and price advantages with the leasing solutions. Our strong bonding in the industry of shipping has made us establish a firm presence in this sector. Driven by a strong diligence of quality, maintenance and customer satisfaction, Fusion dreams to be irreproachable with its shipping-support solutions. We endeavor to be sustainable in the future with advantages of economic viability and convenience.