Containers Sea

The measurements of the equipment here indicated meet the international standards provided by its owner or the manufacturer. Fusion shipping is not responsible of any small variation of size or capacity which can be produced in the equipment of transportation due to discrepancy in the standard of manufacturing or stale in its use.

Type Height Volume Internal Dimension
20' Dry Freight Container 238 cm 33 m3 591x234x238 cm.
40' Dry Freight Container 237 cm 67,3 m3 1200x230x237 cm
20' Open Top Container 228 cm 31,6 m3 591x234x228 cm
40' Open Top Container 227 cm 64,0 m3 1200x234x227 cm
20' Reefer Container 224 cm 27,5 m3 542x226x224 cm
40' Reefer Container 218 cm 54,9 m3 1120x224x218 cm
20' Tank Container 258 cm 25,6 m3 ---------
40' Collapsible Flat Rack 223 cm --------- 594x212x223 cm
40' High Cube Refer Container 250 cm 66,9 m3 1162x229x250 cm