Container Measurements / Air Pallets

The measurements of the equipment here indicated meet the international standards provided by its owner or the manufacturer. Fusion shipping is not responsible of any small variation of size or capacity which can be produced in the equipment of transportation due to discrepancy in the standard of manufacturing or stale in its use.

Type Code Dimensions Internal
PYB Pallet PYB 244x140 cm 230x126 cm
Standard Pallet P1P,PAG,PAJ 318x224 cm 304x210 cm
Pallet with side extensions PAW 318x224 cm 304x210 cm(adicional 50 cm cada lateral)
A320/A321 Container AKH 156x153 cm 146x144x111 cm
LD3-Container AVE, AKE, AVA*, AKN** 156x153 cm 195x142x150 cm
PYB-Pallet RKN 156x153 cm 182X140X132 cm (max. 120cm para Carga refrigerada)
LD 7/AAK-Container AAK 318x224 cm 304x210x153 cm
AAY-Container AAY 318x224 cm 304x210x200 cm
Triple horse container HAJ 233x213 cm 228x208x185 cm