Fusion manages more than 25,000 square meters of space in modern warehouses around the world with necessary equipment’s to accommodate customers’ needs. With intelligent warehouse management systems and technology, such as pick-by-light, driverless transport systems and automated warehouses, we ensure efficient processes and a high level of process reliability.

As a financially strong logistics partner, Fusion develops appropriate warehousing concepts for every industry and invests in advanced solutions. At the same time, Fusion is able to provide a variety of additional services at the customer’s request.

Fusion Shipping Worldwide services in the area of warehousing:

  • • High cordoned/secured state of the art Temperature controlled warehousing with 24 hr. Security.
  • • State of the art fire fighting systems.
  • • Racked /location based storage.
  • • End to end Inventory planning/management.
  • • Advanced Warehouse Management systems.
  • • Labeling.
  • • Packing, shrink wrapping & Palletizing.
  • • Cross Docking