Fusion Shipping & Logistics Co L.L.C - Saudi Arabia

Fusion Shipping & Logistics Co L.L.C - Saudi Arabia

Fusion Shipping & Logistics, based in Kuwait, proudly operates as our sixth freight forwarding branch in Dammam in KSA. We specialize in a range of services, including:

LCL Consolidation
ISO and Flexi Tank operations
Exhibition handling and chartering

With unparalleled connectivity across the GCC countries, we guarantee the shortest pickup and delivery times for sea, land, and air freight. Our commitment to quality extends to time efficiency, packaging excellence, and cost-effectiveness.

At Fusion Shipping, our success story is incomplete without highlighting our comprehensive removal and relocation services. Whether domestic or international, we offer seamless solutions for removals, storage, commercial logistics, and office relocations.

Expanding beyond the GCC, Fusion Shipping extends its services to the Indian subcontinent and South East Asia, providing NVOCC solutions powered by Fusion-I for efficient container and cargo tracking.

We pride ourselves on integrating a global network with cutting-edge technology systems, offering unified logistic solutions to over 100 countries. Our solutions set unmatched standards of flexibility, providing optimal route and pricing options to manage your supply chain with precision.