Flexi Tank

Flexi Tank

Fusion Shipping Worldwide offers safe, efficient, cost-effective bulk liquid transportation service. Flexi tanks are the most reliable and cost effective mode to transport Non – Hazardous /Non -Toxic Liquid Products.

It has complete advantage over traditional shipping methods by drums and IBC’s lowering your risk, costs and environmental impact.

Advantages of using Flexi Tanks

» Very Low positioning costs.
» No cleaning costs, No disposal costs.
» Cost effective and considerably cheaper than tank containers, drums and IBC'S.
» Can carry 40% or more cargo than drum and 50% more than bottles.
» Quick loading / unloading compared to drums and IBCs.
» Low labor cost for handling, filling and unloading.
» Reduces Handling cost and time during installation and Loading.
» Clean and environmentally friendly.
» No risk of contamination.
» Low weight of Flexitank-so higher payloads possible.
» 20 ft. Container payload 15% higher than ICB's container payload 45% higher than drums.

Products loaded on Flexi Tanks:

Food Stuffs

Wine, edible oil, fruit juices, food additive, sorbitol, palm oil, soy sauce, yellow rice wine, water, malt extract and glucoses etc.

Industrial Oils

Lubricants, lubricant addictive, Base oil, transformer oil, white oil, tung-oil, glycerin, coconut butter, hydraulic oil, gear oil, ricinus oil, high fatty acids and oleic acid.

Non-hazardous liquid chemicals

Plasticizers, water reducer, synthetic resins, detergents, disinfectors, surface active agents, polyhydric alcohols, feed additives, silicate, salt solutions, glycols, emulsions, polyether, alkylating agent, fertilizers, natural & synthetic latex etc..