Defence Logistics

Defence Logistics

Fusion Shipping Worldwide, As expert military logistics service providers, we are well-versed in the secure transportation of IMO 1 explosives and ammunition, arms and weapon systems, armored vehicles and military supplies. We offer integrated logistics services that enable our customers to focus on their core business, instead of spending time and energy sorting out complicated logistics.

Military cargo and defense logistics

There are few military cargo categories we have not handled in our many years of specialized strategic cargo experience. We thrive on the challenge of creating the perfect solution for extremely complex freight. A few examples include:
» Black Powder
» Smokeless Powder
» Explosives
» Mortars and grenades
» Small caliber ammunition
» Missiles
» Army supplies

With our in-depth knowledge of military supply chain, defense logistics and integrated aerospace logistics, we are able to provide transportation of strategic cargo. We can handle an unlimited range of military cargo and defense equipment and technology, from heavy artillery and armored vehicles, to communication systems, shelters, sanitation, medicines and thousands of tons of rations and mineral water to keep troops healthy. We provide all necessary documentation: security escorts, official authorizations, permits and transit licenses; everything required to ensure perfect compliance and safety.

Forwarding, transport and handling of IMO 1 dangerous goods

Successfully transporting dangerous IMO 1 goods such as explosives, black powder, smokeless powder, mortars, grenades, propellant and ammunition requires in-depth planning and attention to detail; the kind of focus that's only possible when you are as experienced in your work as we are. Our one-of-a-kind assets ensure maximum success for our customers:
» First-hand domestic intelligence and information
» Fully IMDG-certified staff
» Thorough knowledge of legislation, safety, regulations and documentation
» A century of combined experience
» A unique global network of dedicated subcontractors, agents and international logistics partners

Most importantly, our passion for military cargo and defense logistics keeps us reading, learning, investigating and networking; even on weekends, so that we stay on the cutting edge and always offer the most comprehensive set of services possible.